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Essays on Modernity

Essays on Modernity and the Permanent Things from Tradition

James A. Patrick

A Short Description

Essays on Modernity covers a wide range of topics, but the essential thesis remains the same throughout: contemporary Western society has abandoned the permanent things of tradition in favor of fleeting pleasures, self-worship, and the secular rationalizations that justify them. But the West is by no means doomed. It can survive and thrive if its citizens can only recover what they chose to lose: their pursuit of truth and beauty, their academic rigor and intellectual integrity, their Christian morals and mores.

Book Details

  • Published February 2015
  • Clothbound: 190 pp. Includes dust jacket. 6x9 (isbn: 978-1-942786-00-9).
  • Paperback: 190 pages. 6x9 (isbn: 978-1-942786-01-6).
  • eBook: 1.3mb. (isbn: 978-1-942786-02-3).